Boxer slept on thoroughfares


Dubai dreams Boxer United Nations agency slept on thoroughfares, had no food to eat, presently owns a fitness club
His trainer not solely trained him for gratis still generally gave him food alongside his Pakistani and Indian musketeers.

Empty, homeless, and broke. a bit over a time agone, Nigerians-pat Nascence Lucky Handsome Chukwunwike Okechukwu was at the top of his rope.

Nascence had no roof over his head, no cash and zip to eat. the sole issue he’d was a dream, and he remained thereto within the face of invincible odds to eventually flip the corners.

Boxer before sixteen months:

“ Sixteen months back, I used to be sleeping on the associate empty tummy on the thoroughfares of Sharjah. Moment, I run a fitness club in the megacity that employs numerous folks,” says the youthful bourgeois.

Nascence aforesaid he hopes his story of determination and perseverance may inspire others never to lose sight of their pretensions.

The alternate oldest of 4 siblings, Nascence, came to the UAE in Jan 2018 on the recommendation of a pastor in his home city Agbor in Nigeria’s Delta State.

“The pastor aforesaid my fortune lay in the megacity. I took his words seriously, packed my baggage and came then trying to find work,” he remembers.

Boxer participated with 10 others:

An agent took him to Ajman, wherever he participated in a space with 10 others.” I was a fitness coach back home, thus I assumed my stylish bet was to seek out employment at a spa. It was not straightforward.”.

Nascence aforesaid he spent months sound on the doors of varied fitness centres before a spa in Sharjah employed him at a modest paycheck.

Then, Alpha met an associate Uzbek boxing trainer United Nations agency saw the eventuality within the youthful man and took him beneath his bodies.”I had slightly trained with him for 3 days formerly I detected concerning associate amateur boxing event at Sharjah’s Al Batal and Kickboxing spa. I decided to present it as trouble.”My trainer was floored as I used to be not set, still. He aforesaid train American state if I lost the fight.”

That didn’t be. Nascence went on to win the event. An alternate ensign wreath followed 3 months latterly formerly he floored his opponent with a biff.

Soon Nascence was defrayment longer at native boxing events than at his job. It failed to go well together with his leader. “ He asked the American state to decide between my job and my passion. I named the ultimate,” he says.

With his fiscal gain dried up, the prizefighter fell before on his rent payments and was latterly evicted.

“ Those were the toughest days of my life. I spent numerous nights on the Sharjah Corniche curious wherever my coming mess would come back from,” he says.

Despite his precarious script, Nascence didn’t hand over to my coaching and went on to win 5 a lot of gold orders at native boxing events.

“ As a prizefighter, I had to consume a definite range of calories daily, still, there have been times formerly I couldn’t indeed go a loaf of the chuck. I am thankful to my trainer, United Nations agency not solely trained American countries for gratis still generally bought American states food. My Pakistani and Indian musketeers jointly helped the American state.”

In 2019, Alpha’s visa was out, and he had to come. still, he didn’t let the reversal discourage him.

In Nigeria, he continued to train and good to represent the Federal Republic of Nigeria within the 2020 Olympiad in Tokio when creating the cut at the African Boxing Olympic Qualification Event.

Unfortunately, his Olympic dream was broken formerly the event was remitted till 2021. Also, Alpha had come back to the megacity and was ranging from scrape.

“ I couldn’t share within the Olympiad as the Federal Republic of Nigeria refused to shoot any prizefighter for the Games on the revised dates citing plutocrat, specialized and force reasons,” he says.

1960 Olympiad in Rome:

It was the primary time since the 1960 Olympiad in Rome that the Federal Republic of Nigeria did not address a prizefighter for the world’s biggest sporting event, piecemeal from the 1976 edition, which was transacted by the country.


“ I was brokenhearted. All those months of medication had gone waste. Meanwhile, I used to be carrying a sense of memorial as I ahead long ran out of cash whereas trying to find employment and another time plant myself on the acquainted thoroughfares of Sharjah,” he says.

Nascence aforesaid his fortune began to modify formerly he offered to figure for gratis at 2 fitness centres in Dubai’s Al Barsha space.

“ I would take particular coaching sessions and provides the gymnasiums with some of my earnings. Besides a ripped body, I had specialized data and chops, applicable instruments, and nice communication chops. The shoppers liked what they saw.”


Around the same time, the Nascence plant worked at a fitness centre that used electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to deliver fast results.

Within months, his life was heading in the right direction. He started carrying shoppers for the centre and was ahead long promoted to director.

“I was earning and living well, still, I was not happy. I wished to introduce my transformative fitness results, and I allowed the simplest thanks to doing this was to begin one thing severally.

“I had a dream to make the simplest boxing and fitness system within the country, still, nothing was willing to take a position in a veritably bone who was homeless and paltry simply some months agone.

“But I backed myself till I plant the correct those that believed in American state and united to be a region of my dream,” he says.

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