This article will take an in-depth look at the Best Basketball Shoes UAE you can buy on the market and examine the characteristics that make them stand out from similar brands of shoes.

Basketball is one of my favorite sports, and I have been playing the game for over twenty years. I have owned quite a few pairs of basketball shoes UAE during that time. As a result of using that experience and combining it with more research, I was able to provide a proper breakdown of each shoe mentioned in the following guide.

As a result of how well the Kyrie 7 is able to enhance your flexibility, agility, and overall performance, it is my personal favorite shoe among all the top basketball shoes UAE on the market.

The sneaker is one of the most responsive sneakers on the market, and is equipped with a large Air Zoom Turbo unit and an excellent cushion to provide maximum comfort. I particularly like the 360-degree traction pattern of the tread, as well as the general durability of the product over an extended period of time. There is also a reasonable amount of weight to it.

You can also find many other great Basketball Shoes UAE on the market that will suit your needs, regardless of your position, your personal preferences, or your budget. In the following guide, I break down the best of the best, whether you’re looking at the Kyrie 7 or another top model, so that you can find out which is the best depending on your needs.

A person’s best choice may not necessarily be the person’s best choice, and vice versa. Having said that, it should be noted that all of the sneakers listed in this article are well-rounded, durable shoes that are great for serious players. The basketball shoes UAE are made to handle a lot of time on the court and are made to let you run, jump, and cut as much as you please.

Whether you play pickup games a few times a week or may need to spend several hours a day practicing, you’re bound to love the shoes featured here, regardless of how serious you are about the game. This article features a number of pairs of basketball shoes UAE that are perfect for anyone who plays a lot of basketball or spends a lot of time on the court.

Kyrie 7

In addition to a slick, open design, the Kyrie 7 features some of the best cushioning on the market. Due to the incredible energy retention and responsiveness, the design helps with agility. The cushion is another feature that makes this footwear stand out. 

The padded collar provides extra support to your Achilles tendon, as well as a powerful zoom unit. Function and form are great together. Despite 360-degree traction, there’s no doubt that it could be better. Grip is good right away, but it becomes inconsistent over time. Only use these inside. The blacktop wears them out quickly.

Dame 7

Dame 7’s are a great choice for wings or guards who want a shoe that enhances agility as well as mobility. This pair provides excellent balance and energy return for better running, cutting, and dribbling. The sole is also cushioned. With their strong ankle support and extra security, the Dame 7’s excel where lighter or agility-focused models fail. As well as providing better protection, the basketball shoes UAE completely lock in your foot.

Despite their many advantages, they don’t have the durability for outdoor courts. For people who play outdoors a lot or need strength on the blacktop, something better suited will be needed. Gyms will give you long-term results if you stick with them.

Harden Stepback

Hot basketball shoes UAE are one of the biggest drawbacks of many. Harden Stepbacks are great if you overheat during play. You can push yourself hard in these sneakers with their mesh construction. Lightweight. The comfort of these shoes makes them special. Ventilation and cushioned midsole flex help with that. You have more room in the forefoot with the wider forefoot. Various colors are available if you like style.

It is a tight fit for most people, despite being extremely well-rounded. The wider the feet, the more discomfort. There is also a narrow arch. Avoid blisters or cramps by getting a half-size up.

Adidas Crazy Explosive

Those looking for grip or traction may want to consider the Crazy Explosive. The outsole of this shoe is grippy and holds on to almost anything. Running, dribbling, and cutting are easy. They’ll love it.

The basketball shoes UAE can run a little hot, due to their sock-like construction. The ventilation isn’t as good as you might expect. Players who run hot may not like that. The top-tier support and grip make these great if you don’t sweat

Curry 7

Steph Curry knows the importance of ankle protection. The extra support in his signature basketball shoes UAE is due to this. Designed for guards who need mobility and traction without sacrificing protection. Your foot won’t roll when you shift.The knit construction and carbon fine shank give these lightweight basketball shoes UAE a powerful base. 

The shoe is padded with charged cushioning which can withstand pounding during play without slowing you down. Initial comfort is their only drawback. After a while, you get a comfortable shoe, but it takes time. To truly mold to your shape, you will have to become accustomed to the feel.

Adidas Marquee

Lightweight and comfortable, the Adidas Marquee features tons of cushioning. Your skin will feel protected, supported, and comfortable. The softness is undoubtedly the most prominent feature throughout the design.Additionally, they provide incredible support, premium traction, and a rather subdued style. 

It doesn’t overheat and keeps your heel protected. This shoe does not have the best traction on slick surfaces, despite its amazing characteristics. If the court is clean, you should be fine, but if it is dusty or dirty, you might slide around.

Valsetz RTS

It’s important to have well-made basketball shoes UAE. Under Armour’s Valsetz RTS takes solid construction to the next level. For hardcore players who play on a variety of surfaces, the shoe is a perfect choice.

They run on the small side, despite being comfortable and tough. To get adequate room, pick them up a half size larger. Those who tend to run hot may also find the sockliner snug.

Additional Tips


Make sure that you understand how your basketball shoes UAE fit before buying them. In other words, not just when you buy them, but before you even open the box. There are some brands of footwear that fit a bit on the large side, including Adidas, for example. As a result, you would want to choose a smaller size if that is the case. Picking out your shoe should be done with attention to fit, and you should choose your shoe accordingly.

Break-in is a MUST

New basketball shoes must be broken in, regardless of brand or style. Wearing them is much easier and more comfortable. In most high-performance shoes, your foot will form around them to a certain extent, but only after a few days.

Try wearing your new shoes a few times or taking them for a walk around town to get your feet used to them. Patience is key. Breaking in some shoes takes a week or more. It can be tedious, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Avoid taking shortcuts throughout this process. The temptation is to run hard right away, especially if you’ve just bought your shoes, but it’s best to let them get used to you slowly.

How to Clean Your Shoes

Cleaning your shoes is one of the most important things you can do to maintain them. Playing anywhere will get them dirty. Cleaning them helps prevent grime and ensures they last longer.

Clean your shoes by going over the grooves with a toothpick and knocking out any rocks or debris. After that, gently scrub the sides and bottom with a soft brush dipped in soapy water. Let everything dry before wiping it down. Rinse the shoes and remove the insoles/laces to remove leftover suds. Dry them out after washing.

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